Do you already know what the stability of a tilting device is based on?

Do you already know what the stability of a tilting device is based on? In our technical information section we have posted the complete document entitled "Stability of a tilting device". This document is not intended to be a study on the stability of a tipper, but a simple description of the tilting process in order to understand and avoid the risks inherent in this

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What is a hydraulic cylinder?

What is a hydraulic cylinder? The main driver of our business is hydraulic cylinders. A hydraulic cylinder, also called a linear hydraulic motor, is defined as a mechanical actuator used to deliver a force through a linear stroke. Hydraulic cylinders draw power from a pressurised hydraulic fluid, which is typically some type of oil. The hydraulic cylinder basically consists of two

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Why choose roller floors?

Loading, unloading and storage... by rollers Another of the products we manufacture in Olesa are roller floors. These are systems for handling palletised loads adapted for both air freight and Euro pallet loads. You can handle up to 24 palletised tonnes in 2 minutes At the time, the retractable roller system was a revolutionary advance for the movement and transfer of palletised

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How is the automotive sector in Spain doing?

The automotive sector in Spain As the Ineo Corporate graph shows, the highest concentration of automotive component companies in Spain is in Catalonia. Aragón accounts for more than 5%, as do Navarra, Castilla y León and Comunidad Valenciana.  As manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, we are one of the more than 1,500 companies manufacturing components and equipment that make up the

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Efficiency as a basis for green industrial production

Efficiency as a basis for green industrial production In recent years, society has been demanding that companies become more involved in production processes that are committed to environmental conservation and, given that we are all aware of the depletion of natural resources, the adoption of ecological industrial production methods must be one of our main priorities. Photo © Jacinta Lluch Valero

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Safety during tilting manoeuvres

Safety during tilting manoeuvres As a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for tipping and tipper trucks, we would like to give a brief overview of the safety aspects. At the moment of tilting, construction and construction vehicles are sensitive to tipping, and this type of incident can have major repercussions. The following safety code must be known, accepted and implemented by all

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